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Our women" Edit

Nevertheless, I
have a point to make, and I
will make it with the reason of an angry man.
Iwill make it with the reason of a man
who is in pain. The pain of unrequited love. It is
a pity disclaimer. I know.
Our women get off the plane and arrive in this "
land of the free", and they change and
adjust their attitude to adopt to materialistic success.
They learn well from their Ferenj
counterparts. They learn ideas and theories of
"feminism". And not-so-subtly, they
change everything about themselves until no one
can recognize them. We Ethiopian
men are not blameless. But Ethiopian women destroy
love moreReceived: from AFI Gateways-MTA by email.apo
than we men do since they are in the position of accepting
or rejecting our love. We? We have no say in the matter.

"Our women"
(I hope they don't get offended at
that title), instead of also learning
about individuality and self-defining ways of what
makes feminism... our "feminists"
wretchedly always seek the advice, direction, and
approval of their friends in selecting
and rejecting lovers. In order to be loved by a
certain Ethiopian girl, one has to
impress, be loved and accepted by all her friends.

Our women have unlearned to go
for the man they love and respect. The man with
the right car, the man who her friends
love, the man who will satisfy her family's
expectations, that man will win over the rest
of us.

Our Ethiopian women gripe that we talk too much, we
lie too much... we can't keep
relationships secret. As the song by Muhommed Ahmed
a while back states, if a man's love is not open,
visible for people to hear and see,
what is the point of being loved?
But our women don't believe in that anymore.
I assume the reason is that
Ethiopian women are always waiting for a better man
tocome along. And when that day comes...

Meanwhile, I will wait patiently for the resurrection of

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