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Ethio free style
like kitfo and kocho
got a phat flow
that give you a high chlosterol
But yo, I'm not guragae
you can call me atse
surafel assaminew gebrewold
the lion of judah
the light of the world
In any arena
I bust your style barefooted like Abebe Bikila
So don't even try it cause you will fall into my
trap like an ayit
kid, how you gonna rock the mic
you don't know the know how
you versus me is like
Aserat versus Goraw
you're just a rookie
I was writing rhymes when you were playing korkie
I suggest you get up of your seat
and give me a respect like shemaglae and arogit
you know the name
Surafel Assaminew
used to smack you when you came to the hood
saying turmusyalew
I'm the felatch koratch
you need to start from scratch
cause your style got wasted like ye burtukhan
My orchestra
rocks any party with masinko,kebero, and kerar
For seven years I stood on one foot
like Abune Teklehaimanot
and busted the wack lyrics
my challengers wrote
Got fans in Atlanta and debre libanos
I shine dance floors as if I was a bernos
Just stop the tchik-tchik
And I will tell you more stories than slick rick
So what that mean
take heed to the words that I say
with style,lyrics,flow
I got the power of trinity
Like Haile Selassie

Thanks Billy