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What you missed on e-mail forwarding

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Top 20 Amharic to English translation YOU SHOULD AVOID!!

1) The cold hit me on my back. .
2) This stomach cutting is going to kill me...
3) After you pickup photographs of the wedding, get the film washed
4) May my mom die, I'm telling the truth...
5) The matter about the little boy ate up my intestine...
6) You boy, don't make me turn off your eye...
7) Powerful head hitting has held me...
8) Man, are you being owner of a knee?
9) Anger is burning my stomach...
10) By your mother, please shoot my shirt...
11) Don't make me angry I'm going to take off your jaw...
12) Until we meet by the meat of the eye, wait for me well.
13) Please get picked by a photo and send me one by air?
14) Went to the funeral just to have my forehead hit.
15) May my mouth be cut if I am not telling the truth.
16) As a kid, you used to dry my heart talking incessantly.
17) You were one fruit girl then...
18) She grew up to be full of standing up matter.
19) Standing up from the ground, he wanted me matter.
20) I hope death doesn't take me before I eat your wedding.

Thanks Mitto.

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