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How to tell an African from an African

It comes, as something of a surprise to many
Africans to discover
that all Africans look the same to non-Africans. How do
you tell a Nigerian
from a Kenyan? And I am not talking about passports or

clothing. The
easiest way, of course, is the name, for example Ogunkoye can

only be a Nigerian
and Njoroge a Kenyan. And where do the Dunns come from? -----

they are surely
from Liberia or Sierra Leone. Surely everybody knows that the loud
and cocky

ones are the West
Africans; the brooding ones and sly ones are the North and

South Africans;
the East Africans always say yes even when they disagree

violently. If you
want to be more specific, the Cameronians will borrow money

to buy Champagne
whilst the Ghanaians think they invented politics. The

Congolese think they
have the best music and the best dancers. The

Nigerians have a THING
about clothes, and the Ethiopians think they have the

most beautiful
women on God's earth. Moroccans think they're French, and

so do Burkinabes.
Algerians hate the French. Sierra Leonians smile

Liberians can't get over America. All East and South African
countries have the

same national anthem,
but the South Africans sing it the best. The South

Africans have no hair;
the Zambians and Kenyans have prominent foreheads. The West

Africans have short
memories and never learn from their mistakes; the concept

of order and
discipline must have been invented in East Africa; the words

don't exist in West
Africa, especially in Nigeria. When a cabinet minister

is caught in a
corruption scandal, he commits suicide in Southern Africa;

in West Africa he's
promoted after the next coup d'etat. In athletics, the divisions
easy: from 800m

to the marathon the
East Africans hold sway; the West Africans are only

good at the sprints.
South Africans can only sing. But when it comes to

football (soccer), the
North and West Africans dominate the lesser-skilled

East and South
African. Please read this and forward to all Africans.

Thank you Senait