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What is on the Entertainment for this summer?
Kids graduation party on Saturday June 28, 2003. at the Ethiopian comunity club, 595 Notre Dame Ave.There will be who wants to be a millionar game, Musical chair game and Talent show. Starting from 3:00pm to 7:00pm.

Pcnic on Sunday July 12, 2003 at assiniboine park.

July 20/2003 Abugida Et & Style hosts Beach vally ball tournament.
Team Abugida Vs Ethiopia Bank

July 28, 2003 Trip to Calgary Enteyayek Program.


                  Welcome to Winnipeg
Ethiopian society of Winnipeg welcomes the new arrivals to canada and wishes best.
June14,2003 welcoming social event at the Ethiopian community center.
all the new comers are invited to attend this celebration.
the celebration starts from 4:00pm for the family the party continues aftewards.
Your DJ Abugida and the crew will be there to entertain you.




Closing ceremony.
for the fund raising campaign to raise money for the famine victimes in Ethiopia.
June 28, 2003 at the Ethiopian community center. Last chance to contribute to those of you who did not get the chance.Tickets are $10 dollars all the ticket sale gose towards the famine victimes

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