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 Not Yet Landed
By 12 year old Misalee Saeed
When the New Year comes
when the flowers bloom
Even at night or during a full moon.
When the water rushes from sea to sea
There's still no happiness-how could that be?
When the birds sing up so high
Soaring bravely in the sky,
There's still no happiness-how could that be?
From shining star from sea to sea.
The New Year should bring happiness,
It should bring Joy!
It should bring a smile to every girl and boy, but when children
are dying of hunger and poverty
the New Year brings no change to me.
A lonely child with out a mom and dad,
The New Year dose not bring happiness
It just makes them more sad.
A mother that has no milk to give,
Now how is that a way to live?
People struggling for some clothes,
trying not to be exposed
THe careless rich drinking their scotch and wine while little babies cry and whine.
The New Year happiness should
not be spread like in a flu,
It should turn the sky from gray to blue.
It's hard to see the New Year
because it's too far
when there is violation of human rights and civil war.
How come the New Year can't be new at all
and help our country stand proud and tall.
Starvations shouldn't be our I.D. card
for food they shouldn't struggle so hard.
from smile to smile, from tear to tear
the New year should come and leave no fear
This is the message i'd like to send
and tell the New Year there are things to mend.
The New Year won't be this way for long
because Ethiopia will stand strong.
Until theses changes are made and granted
the great "New Year" has not yet landed
December 2002.



Waiting for the rain., Famine spares no one
Photos by Hege Opseth Norwegian

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