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Built on peoples initiative with a proud past and promising future.

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Come and celebrate new year with us, in your home where you always feel home. September 13, 2003. 595 Notre Dame Ave.


9th issue of Merraf (News letter of Ethiopian Society of Winnipeg) is published. On this issue we have added new sections for Ethiopian proffesionals, As we found it, (things we found on the internet and anywhere else) and Birthday wishes page ( for the birthday boy and girl).
Please send us your articles and suggestions to: Meeraf (News letter)
P.o.Box 2524 Winnipeg, MB R3C 4A7
or E-mail

In remembrance of  Dr Solomon Kibite,
August 9, 1949 - August 20 2003.


Ethiopian society of Winnipeg has developed a method to recognize the local businesses and individuals for their immediate responses to raise money for famine victims in Ethiopia.

One of the scheduled events to raise fund for famine victims in Ethiopia, "Dinner for a Cause", was successfully concluded on Saturday February 22, 2003.  The dinner was attended by many Canadians, out numbering Ethio-Canadians residents of Winnipeg

Ethiopian society of Winnipeg awarded a plaque and certificate in recognition of outstanding volunteer service during the fund raising campaign.

In only its third year of operation, Folkloramas Africa Pavilion may well be Winnipegs best-kept secret this week.

The Cyclic famine in Ethiopia.

Ethiopia, the historical land, the land where the oldest remains of mankind was found, the country that is blessed with unique plants and animals that are not found anywhere in the world.


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Tis Abay with his worship Glen Mury, Folklorama 2002 to see more pictures click on the picrure.

TisAbay dance group during Folklorama 2002

What you missed.

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