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We have now rupped up the long awaited"Dinner for a cause" fundraising Dinner evening to raise money for the famine victimes in Ethiopia.
It was one of the successful event that many canadian rather than Ethiopian attended. Interestingly enough many of the invited govenrment represetative have attanded the event. Some of the representatives were Mr stive shton from Ministr of finance, ........, .......(every one of them). Honnerable MBL..... was the guest speker  who talked in detail about the current famine in Ethipian.
 We started the program by the minutes of silence for the famine victimes. following a short speach by the President of Ethiopina soceity of winnipeg ATo Taye Zegeye. Ato taye informed about the seriousness of the current famine, also how partyl is a man made drought and how we can work together to resolve it for once and for all. After the president speach a poeam "Not yetlanded" (Currently on the site) was read by a very talented award winning 12 yars old young artist Misale Ali. after breaking for Dinner a slide show was presented by a University of Winnipeg student who recently came from Ethiopia, Peral Gottach. Peral who have been woriking with the compangn since December have presented the original Ethiopia, (not just the famine side) people and the generocity in people. Pearl have written few articles on different newspapers about her true experiance in Ethiopia. Before the closing remark TisAbay Dance group and Winnipg Performing art dance group presented a wonderful show.
Closing remark was made by the President (am not sure who is what to be edited)Who have been working so hard on this compain Hassan Sallah. (owner of Pyramid Falafal Restaurant). During the event we had an Art auction sale that was sold for $1000.00. Buyer (Danniel & Constable Kiflom) The art was donated by winnipeg.......for the fund raising perpose. We had a raffle ticket for a DVD player(donated by the member) which was sold for $400.
We will have updated news soon once we got everything rupped up.

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