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Crime awareness and prevention Workshop

On March 10, 2002 at 3:00 pm a workshop on crime awareness and prevention is going to be held at the Ethiopian Society of Winnipeg which is located at 595 Notre Dame Ave.
This program will be presented by Constable Kiflom Girma of the Winnipeg Police Service.   The following topics will be covered.

                         *Charter of rights
                         *Domestic violence policy
                         *The signs of abusive relationship
                         *How to contact the proper authorities
                         *Drug /alcohol abuse and the role it plays  in relationship
                         *Criminal record issues
                         *Other issues pertinent to our society

We encourage everyone to come and participate in this important and informative workshop.  Please let us not wait until we are struck by another tragedy to show our solidarity.  

Sunday March 10, 2002   at 3:00pm
Ethiopian Community Center 595 Notre Dame Ave.


Our next little project, as mentioned before, is sending books (used, and new) to students back in Ethiopia. We can say that we are almost done with the preperations for the project, but we would greatly appreciate any input from other members of the community. If anyone has any books, text books or novels, we will greatly appreciate it if you can donate them to us. University level books and high school books are most welcomed. The more books we send to them, the more of a difference we can make.
I would also like to urge any high school students to please ask their schools for a donation. If that is not at all possible, if they could direct you to someone who will be willing to help it would lend a hand.
The public school system in Ethiopian is not up to standard, but we have an obligation to our younger brothers and sisters to do something to relieve the situation. We would greatly appreciate any help. You can e-mail us and we will get back to you as soon as we can. We will keep you posted on the progress we are making.

  TisAbay, Ethiopian dance group is looking for cultural dancers. Those of you who would like to dance or know someone who would like to dance, please contact us with the address below. or call (204) 775 1255


Volunteers needed to work at the community doing various odd jobs. If you are living in Winnipeg and want to volunteer, please contact us at 783-5022 or e-mail us at

Blen Gedion, has come forward for volunteering on editing and updating this website.
Blen will be working very hard on updating the webpages and bringing you the hottest news as well as information.
Blen, I would like to thank you on behalf of The Ethiopian Society of Winnipeg for taking the postion and on being willing to serve your community.

New site coming soon near you, for all your music needs and other collectables for more information please visit us at

Meeraf  the 7th issue, Newsletter of the Ethiopian society of Winnipeg has been published.

Topics of this issue:

  • Letter from the editor
  • About Amharic school
  • News on cultural dance group
  • Poem (in Amharic)
  • Our relationship with our partner.........
  • IQ test
  • City fact... and many more.

If you want to have a copy, please send us your mailing address and we will mail it to you.  If you have an article you want to submit please send it to us with your name, address and phone number on it. 


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